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Our Story

Armada Insurance Services is a relatively new player in the insurance industry, having been founded in 2017. However, in its short time in business, Armada has made significant strides in providing quality insurance products and services to businesses across various industries.

Armada Insurance Services was founded by Michael Haynes, an experienced insurance professional who recognized the need for a client-centric insurance agency that could offer tailored solutions to businesses of all sizes. The goal was to create an agency that would prioritize the needs of its clients and provide them with the highest level of customer service.

As Armada Insurance Services continues to grow, we remain committed to the founding principles of client-centricity, innovation, and excellence. We continue to implement cutting-edge technology to streamline operations and improve the customer experience. We've also established strategic partnerships with some of the leading insurance carriers in the industry to offer our clients the best coverage options.

Today, Armada Insurance Services has become a trusted partner for businesses across various industries, from startups to established corporations. We have earned a reputation for exceptional customer service, innovative insurance solutions, and commitment to our clients' success. As we continue to grow and evolve, Armada Insurance Services remains committed to its founding principles and its mission to be the premier insurance agency for businesses seeking tailored insurance solutions.